Tell us about yourself…

I am  business reporter with a keen interest in Politics. Coming from an army background, I have studied in about eight different schools throughout the country. I have done my college from Chennai and Pune.

What course did you do after 10+2?

I did graduation in Economics from Stella Maris though I was sure even in class 12 that I wanted to be a journalist. But I did a course in Economics so that I have a base in a particular subject and Economics is a subject which covers most facets of society.

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Why did you opt for a post graduation in an offbeat, unconventional and unusual area such as Mass Communication?

I always wanted to do journalism but never received training for it. Training is important as it teaches you spot news, techniques of writing and explore other media

What entrance exam did you give? How did you prepare for it?

I did my post graduation in Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication(SIMC). So I gave SNAP. I did not really prepare for it. I wanted to prepare for the Maths part but then heard that for mass comm, they do not consider maths. Rest was relatively easy.

What is the scope of the course?

The course lasts two years. In the first year, we do bits of everything from advertising to public relations to audio-visual to Journalism. In the second year, student specialise in the chosen field. If one is sure about what they want to do, a one year course is enough.

The course is modelled in such a way that you pick up bits about all forms of media. Learn how advertising and corporate communication works, apart from specialising in your own field. In journalism, students have to do both broadcast and print. So you learn both the facets.

What was the best part of the course for you?

In the second year, we had a lot of interesting modules like International Relations, Political journalism, Political Affairs and Business Journalism. I think the best part for me was when we visited the Vidarbha region and documented the issue of mounting debt among farmers and effect of suicides in families.

Which parts of the course did you find challenging?
I found television journalism challenging as there a lot of technical intricacies involved.

What are the skills required to pursue the course?

Good communication skills, a thirst for knowledge and a bit of street smartness!

What kind of jobs can one get after completion of the course?

Most people go no to work in magazines, newspapers and television channels as trainee journalists. Some people do shift to public relations and corporate communications too.

Is there any advice you would like to give students who are interested in taking the course?

There is no point doing a journalism course if you are not inquisitive. The profession may be very tough on you for the first one or two years and as you start getting more experience, you will understand how things are done.

What is the starting salary?

That really depends on where you join. With the Indian media, it can vary from Rs 2 lakh per annum to Rs 3.5 lakh. In foreign media, it varies from Rs 3.5 lakh per annum to Rs 5 lakh per annum.