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Public Relations Student Interview

Tell us about yourself

I have pursued undergraduate studies in Liberal Arts with a major in business administration from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University; specializing in marketing and mass communication. I recently graduated and will be joining BU (Boston University) for my graduate program now. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I got a few of the best opportunities in terms of internships as well as research. I have presented and published two research papers and done five internships in different fields of communication and management. I wouldn’t call myself a workaholic but I’m highly passionate about what I do, making sure I deliver the best, may it be academics or field work. I would say I enjoy to my fullest.

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How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and uncommon career?

I came across PR as a subject in my 4th semester and it instantly caught my attention. I would read so much about it and people who do it across the globe. The following summer I did an internship with a leading PR firm in India and that’s exactly when my tryst with Public Relations began. Interning at DDB Mudra Group, India’s leading advertising and marketing firm, showed me the opportunities in the field of strategic communication and led me to do multiple projects in same.By end of that internship, I knew I wanted to make it my lifelong pursuit. Public Relations being one the current fields which I see emerging and having a great presence in every industry today. With  internship at Perfect Relations, I learned PR practices and work pedagogies.

A specialized degree in the same would have been an ideal step towards my ultimate goal of being a successful PR consultant. Hence, I ended up at COM (College of Communication) at BU to pursue Public Relations.

What are you looking forward to at BU?

I’m looking forward to a lot of things, one would be my first ever alone living experience without family and out of India. All my 22 years I’ve lived in a hot and sunny place so looking forward to the snow and weather at Boston to experience the change. Then the vibrant student culture of Boston full of students from across the world, willing to meet lots of new people and make friends. I’m a big fan of museums and historic places so will be exploring as much Boston as I can. Also, a fitness and sports freak so will be seen a lot at fitrec center and game times.

What are your plans after graduation?

I definitely want to have industry exposure post my 18 months in the course so I become more employable across the world. I want to be a global citizen and want to explore more countries and my work. So hoping my work takes me places. Eventually, I wish to have a firm of my own in India as my long term goal providing PR solutions and consultancy.

Well, I would say I’m a big travel buff, have a dark and wicked sense of humour. I might be a great company (depending on your taste) and I’ll always be curious to learn more from different people and their experiences.

View Riti’s LinkedIn profile here.

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