For many of us, its IIT vs the rest , especially if you want to get into engineering. This obsession with IITs has resulted in hundreds of coaching centres sprouting across the country promising IIT JEE ranks for millions of rupees of enrolment fee.

Today iam going to talk about this fallacy. Engineering is a natural skill, if you learn science concepts well there is no reason one needs coaching to pass IIT JEE. A few months back , an Oxford graduate ruffled several feathers when he scored full marks on a JEE paper and completed it in less than half the time allotted. This goes to show that passing the JEE exam is not as tough as these coaching centres make it appear. But remember, if you do not understand concepts and enrol in a coaching centre to get through JEE, i can guarantee you that you will also need coaching to pass the engineering semester exams. And the buck stops at placements when you will face the ultimate litmus test. Thats the reason you see so many stressed out IIT students who never realised that the actual war starts once you enter the campus.

Now coming to the next point, iam here to tell you that there are examples of hundreds of professionals who have graduated from non-IITs and got admissions in ivy-league institutions abroad (Cornell, Oxford , MIT etc) and doing well for themselves. Other than IITs there are several other institutions like BITS Pilani, NIT, SRM, VIT and several other colleges that have produced illustrious alumni who are doing advanced research in cutting edge areas involving Biomedical, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics etc.

Why are these students successful? Because they never got carried away by the glamour of IITs. They realised that there are several different paths to reach their goals one of which being the IIT. But they were smart enough to understand their area of interest and gained admission in a non-IIT and made the best use of the resources there. Moreover, their targets were not getting into an IIT, but to secure admission in a good master’s program that had great faculty and expertise in their areas of interest.

Remember, once you complete your bachelor’s degree , you need to produce a strong SOP (Statement of Purpose) to convince a university to admit you into their program. Neither your undergrad marks nor your IIT pedigree, though important, will help you if you do not have a clear goal on what you want to accomplish.

I implore students to start thinking about their areas of interest instead of stressing yourself out on the JEE entrance exams and then realising you are in the wrong boat. A clear destination in your mind will always get you to your goal whether its from an IIT or non-IIT

Ofcourse it feels great to tell the world that you are an IITan ! But isnt it a greater pleasure to be solving the water problems facing the world or designing prosthetics for the disabled !!!

Here are a few interviews of professionals who passed out from Non-IITs who are doing amazing stuff…