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What do you do?

Iam a Senior Communication and Public Information Assistant at UNHCR (United Nations Human Commission for Refugees)

What did you study?

Before coming to GSD for my Masters,  i did my Bachelors (Mass Comm.)  and Masters from Punjab University (Human Rights).

Please tell us about your experience at GSD (Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations). How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and unusual career?

I chose GSD for MA International Relations based on two considerations: Firstly, Geneva is hub of diplomacy as well as center of many international activities and that’s why this is the best place to study International Relations. It scores over institutions in other European countries since it is in the middle of all the HQs for many international organizations. Thanks to GSD, I was in a good position to capitalize on this through internships.

Tell us about your internships

During the period of 13 months, I interned with three organizations, including World Health Organization (WHO), Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) and UN Environment Programme (UNEP). During the course, I had an access to most of the international organizations in terms of attending short-term trainings, conferences and seminars organized by them. Secondly, professors are knowledgeable and very helpful.

How was the learning at GSD?

With the small class sizes and wonderful teaching staff every student got personal attention unlike most other college institutions. Most of the professors were or are diplomats, ambassadors or someone who is participating in diplomatic negotiations. They gave us an insight about the issues of their respective areas. GSD offered opportunities to meet people from any corner of the world and helped to make professional connections.