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Tell us how did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and interesting career?

Through my studies as an undergrad and grad in Biotechnology in India, I had the opportunity to study Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Industrial biotechnology and Bio-process technology and much more. Even though I loved biology immensely I realized it was not something that could keep me interested and be passionate about forever. As I studied Industrial biotechnology and came across the processing technology of beer, wine, cheeses etc. I realized I had found my true passion and that was FOOD!!! It always was and always has been my one true escape and that is how I followed my dream to pursue my second Masters degree in Food Science.

What did you study?

I did my Bachelor’s and Master’s in BioTechnology. I also did my M.S in Food Science (Drexel University).

Tell us about your experience in Food Science?

Food Science has given me the most amazing experiences- right from tasting my first wine for the Wine science course I took in Winter 2013 to tasting salami for sensory taste study to learning to process meat and cheese to developing new products. It has been an incredible journey so far and I know it will always keep me interested, keep me hungry for more and drive me to contribute significantly to the food industry through my hard work, zeal and expertise.