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Please tell us about yourself

Gowtham Mohan is a Masters student in sustainable energy engineering at KTH. He came to Sweden after his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering from Anna University in Tamil Nadu, India. He says he chose KTH as it is one of most renowned universities in field of energy sciences and does very good research in the field of fuel cells, solar and biomass and has a very good network with industries. He saw the notice regarding the KTH Opportunities fund on the university website and decided to apply for it.

How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and uncommon career?

He says, “I had a budding idea; this opportunity came just in the right time. I got a letter of Invitation from Anna University and I submitted the application to KTH describing the idea and financial requirements for conducting research. The Opportunities fund covered all the travel, lodging expenses. It helped me to conduct independent research during last summer in developing hybrid solar photocatalytic reactor which treats effluent and produces electricity and development of concentrated solar dish for desalination”

He also says that since it gives students who needs that extra helping hand to pursue their dreams it is rightly named the KTH Opportunities fund.  “It’s a great initiative provided for all the KTH students to convert their thoughts into actions. There will be two deadlines for the opportunity funds every year. This fund can be utilized as an Internship or Thesis based on your requirement”,Gowtham added.