The last few years have foreshadowed a grim future for current and future graduates especially in India. For more than the last decade or so , IT service companies had created a market for campus placements. With the demand plummeting since last few years, parents and students are worried about the future. Everyone is looking at the next wave of opportunities.

So today, we will talk about jobs of the future. What are the key areas that will have immense demand for the next 10-20 years at the very least. We hope parents and their wards make well informed decisions on streams of their choice so they dont get caught offguard.

There are 4 major areas where we believe there will be lots of opportunities. All these opportunities are multi-disciplinary in nature which means they require skills across multiple domains.

  1. Sustainability – With the planet being burdened by human existence, we are all aware of the consequences of global warming, habitat destruction, improper planning and food shortage. Solving these problems require urban design experts (Architect + Urban planner), Renewable Energy professionals (engineers + alternate energy), food scientists (Food + sustainability ) and ecologists (biologists + conservation)
  2. Disease Prevention – This generation has seen emergence of lifestyle diseases (Obesity, Cancer, AIDS etc) that have afflicted pain and sufferings on all age groups from children to adults. The world is turning to geneticists, microbiologists and biochemists to understand the genetic code of every individual to develop personalised cures to these diseases. This requires computational biologists and analytical minds with cross-disciplinary knowledge (Biology, Chemistry and Genetics). Just imagine being able to scan the genes of an individual and suggest a combination of medicines that can cure him/her without any side effects. Thats what computational geneticists , biologists and chemists do.
  3. Mechatronics – All of us have been driving vehicles since we graduated from college. However do we even understand what happens under the hood of a car? How upset do we get when a car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? How good would it be if our car tells us that something is wrong with the brakes and to get it fixed before a major breakdown happens. Instead of servicing a car every 3 months, how about servicing it based on the car’s actual condition based on wear and tear of the parts. Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary field involving Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Computers. Any machine that operates in the field would be equipped with sensors that communicate with each other to ensure normal operations. Mechatronics enables machines communicate their state through sensors. IOT (Internet of things ) is an area related to mechatronics. The ultimate application of mechatronics in cars is the driverless car which uses a AI (Artificial Intelligence) based framework to drive a car. This requires the application of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science concepts.
  4. Space/Aviation – Now that we have conquered the first frontier of space travel, there has been lot of curiosity regarding living in space. The focus is now on the ability to live in space for longer periods. This requires an understanding of the proper environment for humans to live in space whether it is the food, health or the accommodation itself. There is a need for space designers, architects and nutritionists who can work towards designing a proper environment for professionals to venture into space for longer periods.

While we have listed only 4 areas, there are a lot more which we will discuss in the next few article.

We believe the above careers are going to define the future and will provide lots of opportunities for graduates to unleash their creativity and knowledge.