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Hello, my name is Krishna Mainali and I joined the PJHM team in early 2014. It has been a wonderful experience to work with such an incredible group of people who share a love and passion for Architecture.

How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

My fascination for the built environment developed at an early age, growing up in Northern California in the Bay Area. I had this ever-apparent awareness of the world around me, and recognized the way I felt with each and every new environment I experienced. I grew up in a very chaotic and tumultuous environment, one in which I was challenged at a very young age to grow up quickly. I developed an awareness of how my environment affected me, so much so that I began experimenting with the elements, changing the environment around me into something new. My room became my sanctuary and a place in which I transformed over the years into a new experience. This passion I had for creating environments for myself truly is what made me get through the chaos, and from there, after working extremely hard for a scholarship, I was able to move to San Diego to pursue my Bachelors Degree in Interior Design.

What did you study?

I received my BFA in Interior Design from the Design Institute of San Diego in 2009, and didn’t want to stop there. After my Bachelors education I still yearned for more knowledge, a framework of study regarding the interior and exterior systems that work together to create Architecture. I pursued my Masters of Architecture at the NewSchool of Architecture and Design, graduated in 2013, and moved to Orange County to find a company to begin my architectural career, which, has delightfully become at PJHM.

Krishna’s grad school thesis project: proposal for a Koreatown Central Library, in Los Angeles, CA. View of the front entrance at night.

What do you do?

My passion is for creating beautiful environments with responsible research, sustainable consciousness and all aspects of the design problem addressed and carefully analyzed to produce the best possible solution. My practice in Architecture has introduced an entirely new application of skill-sets which have advanced my work greatly.

Being able to develop a project and see it come to fruition is something I find truly fulfilling. I have always been passionate about the field of design, whether it be in Architecture or Interiors, from a young age I had an awareness of the influence of the environment on an individual. My passion for the ability to change such environments, and thus, change people, is when my studies began.

I currently work for an award-winning firm specializing in Educational and Civic work.