Original Source : The Interview Portal

Here is our next interview with professionals who have taken the road less travelled !
Shyam Krishnamurthy from The Interview Portal in conversation with Akhilesh Khurana who takes us through his journey from being a student to a mechanical engineer.

Akhilesh, can you tell us about your background?

Hi, I am from Rohtak (a district in Haryana) where i grew up till 7th std. My interest in science had a lot to do with several school projects that I did with the help of my aunt during these years. They kindled an interest in science, though I wasn’t too keen on maths.

We shifted to Delhi where i continued my higher secondary schooling. My love for science continued partly due to the good science teachers I had at school. Though my parents and family members were from govt and teaching background I had made up my mind to pursue engineering. However, I wanted to specialize in core engineering since I had no interest in coding.

What did you study?

I took several entrance exams such as JEE, VITEEE etc and secured admission in VIT, a premier engineering college in the south. I decided to take up mechanical engineering over electrical even though I liked both of them. During first 1.5 years at VIT, I wasn’t still clear on what I wanted to do until I became a member of a SAE BAJA team, an intercollegiate design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

I had great leaders in the team in my initial learning phase who channelized me to do what I love. There I got to know that I was good in research and development. I also published a research article on gear design. I have filed a patent application for that design. I later became a co-leader of the team and became good in decision making and managing the team. I got to know how important it is to have a vision for the team or the organization you are working with. There I practically tried almost everything to find out what I am good at. I had lots of falls as a leader in the initial days but then realized that together is better.

Can you talk a bit about your internship experience?

During the final semester, I also interned at Scolarian, a bike design startup based in Coimbatore. Here I was involved in design and development of the belt drive system for bicycles. Being involved in research and development I learnt that, if you can work on something for hours without getting tired then that’s your passion.

What is your current job like ?

I got placed at Escorts Ltd through campus placements. Escorts has 3 divisions – Construction Equipment, Tractors and Railway Products. I am working in the construction equipment division. I am responsible for vendor development.

I work with R&D and our vendors to optimize processes to improve efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs. In my role I need to have a good understanding of the market and meet new/existing vendors, understand their processes. My aim is to learn something new everyday which will help me perform my role better.

Your advice to aspirants?

Please don’t become engineers due to peer pressure or parental pressure. Take it up only if you have a genuine passion for science and technology. Try experimenting with different things until you find something you love doing.

Instead of wasting time in social networks, explore new trends and try to learn how much ever you can. Nothing can replace planned hard work. Most importantly, before taking any major decision, ask yourself why you are doing it.