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Can you tell us what you do?

I have worked with the close-knit Media & Entertainment advisory teams on a business validation project for one of India’s largest multiplex operators. My main area of work was to analyze the Indian domestic film exhibition/distribution market. I collated data from all regions of India, carried out primary interviews and conducted independent research.

Going forward, big data will play a significant role in the production of visual media and that is where I hope to leverage my skills in data analysis.

How did you decide on UVA? Did you know you wanted to study at a university abroad?

I guess since middle school I thought I would be coming to the States for college! I remember visiting all the big city college campuses as a middle schooler, and I was pretty set on ending up either in New York or another metropolitan. By 12th grade, I ended up applying to Uva also and when it came down to it – I picked my college because I wanted a college town experience where I could immerse myself in an amazing environment and just learn for four years.

How do you balance pursuing dual interests in film and business? How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

I’m not sure I do. Currently I am majoring in film studies as well as applied statistics, and mostly hoping somewhere down the line they would help me out. I am fascinated by all aspects visual media, from its creation to its distribution.  And it’s interesting (yet a little discomforting) how data is playing such a huge part in it these days. So I guess that’s why I decided to major in Statistics as well.

What were some of the biggest cultural shocks for you?

Biggest shocks were not seeing enough people around me! From New Delhi to C’ville is like going from ‘The Corner at 11:30pm on a Friday’ to ‘Downtown at 11:30pm on a Friday’. It’s 20 million people to 45,000. But you are rarely lonely here in C’ville.

What advice would you give to incoming international students?

Put yourself in situations where you’ll hate yourself for doing so. Because the few minutes of discomfort lead to amazing experiences. Don’t shy away from attending the next info session, or party! Your UVA life is only lived once and you shape it completely. Also, don’t judge! Be open minded, it’s always better.

What are some benefits of having a global education?

It’s so exciting because you get to maintain this special relationship with your college home and family home and you really start to care about this amazing community outside of where you’re from. And ‘Does your overall perspective on life broaden’? Can’t even begin to define how much. It’s a surreal experience.

Do you know where you want to pursue your career after UVA?

Hopefully Los Angeles!