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Can you tell us about your background?

I was a small boy of 5 years when in my kindergarten school on my birthday I dressed up like a pilot and went to school . This was because my family moved to Dubai when I was aged 3 and my first flight on a commercial airliner is what made all the difference. This is where my tryst with flying all began.
It would excite me time and again whenever my dad got us tickets to visit home or visit other countries during our holidays. I never loved going to new places or sight seeing but the only reason I would go was all because I just loved the feeling of stepping into a plane, taking off and it landing. Post that all I would wait for was the return trip. A lot of time went by this way and as I grew up into a bigger boy , it never really struck me I wanted to make this into a career. I grew up in an Air force family. My grand father was in the air force, My uncles flew for the air force before switching over to commercial for various personal reasons. Even after all this I would love going for air shows, visiting airports just to watch planes and flying but the thought of making flying a career never hit me .
Further growing up I grew into a little arrogant young lad who loved getting into anything fancy. I started debating on a professional level, played basketball and swimming on a national level . I somewhat enjoyed good success in these fields and my academics were also on a good note, however I still loved anything that had wings but I was just too blind to notice this is what I wanted to do with my life. I enjoyed debating and I enjoyed making people understand subjects that I understood well and they wanted to learn so I knew I would someday get into the line where I can teach.

How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

It was a quiet day in May a few years ago during my Graduation life when I felt this massive urge from within that constantly kept telling me I was on the wrong path. I did a ethical leadership programme for the Board members and senior Pilots of Air India with a team of the organisation I was a part of. Speaking to such gentlemen and woman who had left a remarkable mark in this industry made me realize what I was missing and what my heart yearned for. I was still not convinced, as I had spent a substantial amount of money on my graduation. However as days passed my conviction became stronger and I realised somehow or the other I wanted to fly. My parents weren’t very convinced, as my mom had always felt I was a jack of all arts and master of none. It took me over a year to convince my parents why I want to fly. I spent endless sleepless nights absorbed into my research regarding the same. It took me a while and lot of effort to get into the depth of things. To earn money to fly I even applied to be a cabin crew at Emirates and worked for weeks together to get past each stage of their selection process. I got through till the final interview where I blabbered I wanted to be a Pilot someday and hence missed the job by just saying that one word. I also remember one day during my Graduation studies in France, I knew where the Pilots were put up to stay during their transit at Paris Charlles De Gaulle airport. It was a pretty expensive one . Just to get an opinion from them I travelled 300 kms frm the town I studied in just to spend 2 days with them and getting to know the industry well. It was worth the effort considering how kind those men and women were in taking time off during their transit to have a chat with me and guiding me in the ways they could. My uncle who lost his license because of a medical issue was a strong support. His constant motivation and support can never be forgotten. Seeing all these efforts I took my parents were more than convinced they should support me and hence I won over their support.

What did you do next?

I started applying to schools in the US and with a lot of research, it boiled down to Embry Riddle. I worked hard for my GRE exam, which was a requirement for Embry Riddle. During this time was when a good friend of mine put me in touch with an Instructor from Harv’s air “Risahbh Gopal”. It would be an understatement if I said Rish helped me a lot. His inputs and the communication with him constantly made me want to forget going to the US and get to Canada and train at Harv’s Air.

How was the experience at Harv’s Air?

When I landed at Harvs Air, I must say everything that Rish had mentioned was more than true. The whole atmosphere, was fantastic the people made me feel like hme and no one really looked at me as somebody new. This environment all around just made me bubble with excitement. I didn’t even realize I was Jet Lagged and before I knew it I began a journey that I know I will cherish for a lifetime.

I came into Harv’s air with an idea I would fly anything and whatever after my training. Somehow that Idea of mine has changed drastically after spending close to half a year over here now. Seeing the dedication of the instructing and Management team here, It would be an understatement to say these people are professionals. They are way more than just being professional. Each instructor, each examiner present here has motivated me to such a level that I have completely given up wanting to ever fly a jet. I have a strong will and ambition to see myself as an examiner and having the ability to issue someone their license. This is when I guess I would feel complete and I would feel my training has had some meaning to it.

Writing this post there are still a few small incidents on my head that fit into place so well which is precisely the reason I am here today. I couldn’t be more thankful to the Harvs Air family, My family and my friends who have all been with me till now and will be there to savour and celebrate each and every milestone that I will cross in this wonderful journey of life called “aviation”

As Cal Newport had one said, “ A path to a passionate life is often way more complex than the simple advice follow you passion would suggest”
This is precisely the reason why I would never saying flying is my passion, It more like an addiction.

What are you doing now?

Iam a Pilot (First Officer) at Wings Over Kississing which is a air charter solutions from executive to wilderness travel, based in the heart of the Canadian Shield. I pilot the King Air 100.