We love junk food ! Ofcourse , a lot of the fascination comes from the west. I remember when i used to visit Mumbai, there used to be several centuries old Udipi restaurants that suddenly disappeared. Instead , there was a swanky Mcdonalds packed with families. In a way, liberalization has opened up a lot of opportunities for us along with junk food. Our experience tells us that we need to always choose the good and weed out the bad. Are we doing that?

Now lets take a U-turn and talk about soft skills. Soft skills, employable skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills etc have become the jargon of the corporate world. Every day you read the paper, there is an article about unemployable graduates and how the industry is suffering from skill set mismatch. To address the issue there are thousands of institutes that teach soft skills to students. Many students end up taking courses till the age of 25 (B.Sc, Computers, Soft Skills etc). They still remain unemployed. When will people realize that soft skills cant be taught in a classroom.

However the smart ones know where to learn and also get paid for it. Mcdonalds, KFC, Dominos and many other outlets serve junk food to their customers. However they serve something very rich to their employees, “”Soft Skills”. When you work in any of these outlets, you learn how to deal with customers, how to collaborate within a team and communicate your thoughts clearly. Your English also improves by leaps and bounds. You are even promoted to be a manager if you have potential.

I would recommend every student who is deemed unemployable to apply to one of these outlets and spend atleast 6 months and you will see a change in your personality.

A diamond is always polished from the rough !