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Can you tell us about your background?

Until 2006 Karan Kumar was a dance aficionado with a zest for life who would bear no more than a customary Bachelor’s at Delhi University. The “mundane nature” of the BA course, he now believes, may have added fuel to his passion for dance and choreography, and helped him find his vocation.

How did you end up in an offbeat, unconventional and cool career such as dance?

He had by that time plunged wholeheartedly into learning Indian contemporary and Chhau dances, which were available locally and conveniently. Karan’s big break came in 2008 when he got a chance to take up a one-year course in Ballet and Contemporary Jazz at Broadway Dance Centre, New York, under the International Students Visa Programme.

“It was an incredibly exciting opportunity that allowed me to learn dance from the best teachers in the world and to transform my personality,” says Karan.

Located in the Broadway Theater District in New York City, the Centre offers education and training in a wide range of dance disciplines – Ballet, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pilates, Yoga, to name a few – to students coming from across the globe.

What did you do after graduation from dance school?

By the time Karan finished his course and returned home, he had enough confidence to start working on setting up his own dance school in Delhi. He is now the Director and core member of the faculty at Big Dance Centre, which is located inside a shopping mall at Rohini in North-West Delhi and offers an array of dance courses to another breed of youngsters seeking to jazz up their lives.

Karan’s experience also fits neatly into a trend: a growing number of Indian students are moving abroad to enrol on courses that represent a clear break from the conventional programmes dominated by the trinity of engineering, medicine and management.