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Tell us about your background in Physiotherapy. 

I have been a qualified physiotherapist since January 2006, after the completion of my Bachelors in Physiotherapy (BPTh/BPT ) from Rajiv Gandhi university of Health Sciences Bangalore. I began my career as a Sports Physiotherapist from Fitness Foundation Academy (FFAMY), YMCA College of Physical Education, Chennai. It was while working at FFAMY, that I got an opportunity to work with athletes from various sporting disciplines. Working with inter- disciplinary professionals at FFAMY helped me to get a better understanding of human motions, movement mechanics and bio-mechanics, as well human behavior.

What was your career path?

My passion for Sports Physiotherapy continued to inspire me, and to strive for continuous development. And it was in March 2007, that I was appointed the physiotherapist for the National Hockey team of India. I held that position for 7 years until 2013. During this period, I assisted the team in various International tournaments in India and oversees. After relinquishing my job, I set out to pursue a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from the University of Curtin, Perth in 2014. After the completion of my Masters, I was offered the position to be the Head Physiotherapist; H.O.D Athlete Rehabilitation for Hockey India, which I held from June 2015 up until December 2016.

The highlights of my overall association with the Indian Hockey team would be the Summer Olympic games at London 2012, Rio Olympic games 2016, New Delhi Common Wealth games 2010, Guangzhou Asian games 2010, FIH Hockey World- Cup New Delhi 2010, Junior Hockey World Cup Singapore 2009, Hockey World league 2015, 2012 Champions Trophy Melbourne, and Asia cup in 2007, 2009 and 2013.

During my stay in Perth Australia, I was involved with the Kookaburras (Australian Hockey team), Australian Institute of Sports programme based in Perth, and assisted the Western Australia under 15’s and Under 13’s for their National Championships.

I have completed a Level 1 Sports Physiotherapy accreditation by the Board of cricket control of India (BCCI)and am also the physiotherapist for Ranchi Rays team for the Hockey India League.

What are your interests and how did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and uncommon career?

I have always had deep inclination for sports. I have been a state level sportsman, having played, junior level cricket. I have been increasingly interested in understanding human movements, so I do spend considerable time reading, learning and performing functional training patterns. I also like to run, bike and swim during my spare time and have been investing lately, in enhancing the physical, physiological and psychological requirements of endurance sports like marathon running and triathlon.

I also like to read biographies of sportsmen, as well as books and literature on high performances of human endeavours excites me a lot.

Recently, I have been learning more about the complex pain mechanism leading to chronic pain and the physiology of symptoms generation in reference to the pain.

 Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on.

During all of the younger stages of my life, I had always dreamt of representing my country as a sportsman, although, I could not realise that dream, but to have accomplished that feat as a Physiotherapist has been most rewarding. I have always taken pride on wearing the National crest over my chest. I feel extremely lucky to have represented India at two, Summer Olympic games in London (2012) and Rio (2016). Walking in the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic games, at the legendary Maracanã stadium, has simply been the happiest and most satisfying moment of my life.

What is your area of expertise?

I specialise in musckulo-skeletal and sports physiotherapist. My core area revolves around biomechanics, human movements and classification based exercise prescriptions and I have a strong hand on approach for the treatment of various ailments. The clinical experience of over a decade has enabled me to be sensitive towards the whole person considerations, throughout the process of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. I strongly believe that the patient centric pattern of treatment, with an approach of educating the patients, holds the key for a successful rehabilitation programme.

My topic of interest is low back and hip pain in general, followed by population and the rehabilitation of Anterior cruciate ligaments and hamstrings injuries in the sporting population.

What is the most fulfilling part of the job?

In my view, I have the best job in the world, with a blend of my passion for sports and exercise sciences, with profound interest in the vast skill sets of the physiotherapy world. Having been a sports physiotherapist for over a decade has allowed me to associate with some extremely motivated individuals, continuing to push their human limits to accomplish desired goals. And the feeling that I could contribute to their success, through my training and education of being a physiotherapist, is extremely satisfying. In a clinical environment, the bonding and relationships we get to develop with our patients, and to accompany them throughout their rehab journey and to witness their return to a healthy lifestyle is truly a remarkable and enriching experience.