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Geotech Drilling has attracted drilling specialists from all-over the world. They are motivated by finding the very best way of completing the task at hand.

Your background?

The Linc Energy project at Chinchilla featured an emerging driller from India. Rohit Chambel (“I’m from India, mate”) is from a highly fertile region in the state of Uttarakhand in the foothills of the Himalayas. He grew up on a farm which produced sugarcane, wheat, sunflowers and other crops not far from the Jim Corbett National Park, a famous Indian tiger reserve where about 70 tigers remain in the wild.

A fine sportsman, Rohit has played representative basketball and badminton, but has been most successful as a cricketer. He opened the batting and bowling for his state.

What did you study?

He studied at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies in Dehradun in Uttarakhand in an engineering course which covered the petroleum process from geological survey, through mining, to production.

Can you describe your work?

The Chinchilla project was Rohit’s first contract for Geotech Drilling. His knowledge of the technologies available to drillers made him a valuable member of the team. He developed excellent experience with Rotating Magnet Ranging Service (RMRS) technology and sounds genuinely excited about the accuracy of the horizontal hole of Rig 1 finding the vertical holes of the Bournedrill 2000HTD.

“Chinchilla was a really good job,” he says. “The camp was right there. We were a small crew so we had to work through any drilling issues together. Problems were resolved really quickly.”

After this job Rohit was promoted to Rig Manager. (He is currently manager of Rig 1 at the Grasstree mine site where he has been working with the down-hole rotating gamma technology).

His role is three weeks on, three weeks off (when he flies back to his wife in India).

Rohit has developed a superb Uttarakhand-Queensland accent and says ‘mate’ like a Cloncurry drover.

“I can even survive the Aussie food,” he laughs.

He prefers butter chicken and homemade chapattis.