So you are a top notch MBA from IIM Ahmedabad  with a Bachelors Degree in Metallurgical Engineering, working for Mckinsey as a strategy consultant. Your job as Senior VP involves travelling across the globe to pretty much every corner of the world, meeting clients and helping them develop strategies to gain market share.

You are presently on a flight to Switzerland on your way to meet a very important client. After snuggly settling in your seat, you open your Mac to fine tune the important presentation that you are going to make to the client. If you win this deal, it is going to be the greatest achievement in your career .

Suddenly out of nowhere, the aircraft starts losing altitude, experiencing violent jerks , throwing unaware passengers off their seats. Confusion, commotion and fear grips the aircraft passengers. In 15 minutes , the flight nose dives , hits the ground and crashes in a ball of fire ! Its all over in 15 minutes !

The cause of the crash was determined to be a rudder failure which was a result of metal fatigue. This comes under the metallurgical engineering division. Somewhere, someone probably didnt do the job they were supposed to do or they didnt have the right skills for the job.

Just imagine for a moment, if you, with a B.Tech (Metallurgical) , had the skills for the job, designed the rudder instead, you would have saved millions of lives , one of whom could have been a management consultant.

Metallurgical Engineering, a thankless job, that saves the lives of millions of people everyday by building strong metals/alloys/materials which have high structural integrity and strength to withstand metal fatigue. Engineers also work for defense to help use the best materials to build fighter aircrafts. Metallurgy relates to basic material science which can be used in any kind of construction like bridges, aircrafts, cars (Crankshafts ) etc.

Lets respect our metallurgical engineers !