These interviews are about dreams, dreams and dreams ! And how these dreams become reality . What you can observe is the clarity of thought that comes with these goals and a never say die attitude to accomplish those dreams.

Lets talk about clarity of thought today. Its very common and understandable that when one takes a path into unfamiliar territory, they dont have a benchmark or reference point to compare themselves against. Its just yourself and your dreams !

Today iam going to tell you a story .

In 1994, a young man walked into his boss’s office in Wall street telling his boss that that he was leaving to launch his own business. His boss advised him to take some time to reconsider. Infact, his boss loved the idea but felt that it was not worth the risk for a young man who had an extremely well paying job at Wall street. The boss gave him a day to think over. The man came up with a very creative solution to solve his problem of sticking to a well paying job vs going ahead with his venture.

He pictured himself at 80 years of age and was certain that he would regret neither missing out on a six-figure Christmas bonus nor having tried to build an online business and failing. He stated, “In fact, I’d have been proud of myself for having taken that risk and tried to participate in that thing called the Internet that I thought was going to be such a big deal. And I knew if I didn’t try this, I would regret it. And that would be inescapable”

This was the clarity of thought that came from the man whom we all know as Jeff Bezos, the founder of While everyone cannot build an amazon or be an entrepreneur like Jeff Bezos, his creativity in structuring his thoughts is something that every student should imbibe whether it applies to a new venture or an offbeat career. Once you have that clarity of thought and vision, the rest of the things like skills and knowledge fall in place and make way for you to reach your destination.