When i look at students and graduates today i sometimes consider myself lucky that i graduated 20 years back. At that time we just had 2 options- Medical or engineering and we had to choose one of them.

Students of today, on the other hand, still dont seem to have a choice inspite of having google at their disposal. Unfortunately the problem is the opposite of the problem we had 20 years ago. There is an inundation of career related information in hundreds of websites that leaves many students confused. There are sites that cater to the different courses available, a few other sites focused on universities and then there are some sites that list out all the roles available in various industries. So if i were a student today, where would i begin , how would i assimilate all this information and make a clear decision on what i want to do?

The problem becomes clearer when we think about it from the student’s perspective and the parent’s perspective. The student wants to focus on a few subjects of interest while the parent wants a career that is stable and financially sound. So how do we address the challenges in such a way that both the students and their parents are satisfied with the outcome. Students nowadays are interested in offbeat and cool careers .

Here is an approach to building a career. The career shaping process can be divided into 4 stages and we could apply it to students from class 8 to graduation (Bsc,Bcom etc) and customize the stage based on the class.

  1. Career Awareness – Expose students to all the different areas of work (like healthcare, environment, design, hospitality etc) at a high level and provide a conceptual understanding of each area .
  2. Career Mapping – Conduct an exercise to help them map their subjects at school to the above areas . For eg; if they love maths, they need to identify where all math can be applied in the areas above. On the other hand, if they love an area of work, say Environment, what all subjects would they need to study to pursue an environmental career
  3. Career Planning – Help students plan the whole process of achieving their career goals in the area of choice. Plans could include early internships, school projects or training programs
  4. Career Progression – Work on building a career path where they would like to see themselves after a few years. This helps them understand if they will like the job in the long term

While career awareness and mapping apply to students primarily, career planning and career progression would be of interest to parents as well so they understand the practical challenges of achieving a goal.

As you can see, once we follow this framework, it becomes much easier to focus on the goal. The Interview Portal has been built to solve this challenge. Our categories give students the exposure to high level areas of work. When you select a category, the student can see all the different careers mapped to that category. For example, if they click healthcare, they can see all the career interviews associated with healthcare. On reading the interviews, both students and their parents can understand the subjects studied, career planning strategies adopted by the professionals and their career progression .

We strongly suggest all our users to read each and interview in detail so you get a very good idea of your interests and can approach your career in more structured and focused fashion !