yourself !!!

Its probably difficult for a fresher/student to fathom the above statement, especially when the industry shuns freshers claiming inadequate experience or lack of exposure or zero employable skills.

But then, there are some areas where freshers are way ahead of their experienced counterparts right? If freshers lack skills why are they still hired in the first place. They start somewhere right, and then they become experienced .

Lets take a simple analogy. A brand new knife that you buy from a store is inexperienced !  However nothing can match its sharp, shining and incisive characteristic. One touch, and the knife can pierce through anything from paper to wood and even rock in some cases. Having been through a intricate and laborious process of machining , the new knife has few parallels in cutting through objects. An older knife can never compete with a new knife on raw power. A similar analogy would apply to a fresher

A student brings with him/her a fresh, enthusiastic and piercing approach to learning new skills just the same way a new knife is capable of cutting anything that comes its way. Freshers can differentiate themselves based on these characteristics which are the will to learn, the flexibility to challenges and the dedication/hard work to succeed.

Now lets look at what the employer looks at in a fresher.  An employer understands the risks of hiring a fresher given the uncertainty on non-performance. In order to mitigate their risks , employers typically offer an unpaid internship or a very low stipend to cover student costs. If the students performs very well through the internship , the employer can hire the student for a specified permanent salary and if they dont meet expectations, the student can be fired. There are two benefits for an employer with this approach 1) They can use the student to get low level grunt work done (which other employees wouldnt do) and 2) they also get to test the capabilities and skills of the student at almost zero cost.

Now lets look at it from the student’s perspective. The student has an opportunity to acquire real world experience in their areas of interest. Inspite of working for a very low stipend, the exponential growth curve in terms of knowledge gained should be enough incentive to take up the job, provided the employer does have a good growth potential in the area. This requires due diligence on part of the student. Remember, the growth curve for the student is steepest in the first 5 years and then tapers or flattens as one gains more experience. The student is like a stock that grows exponentially in value from zero and the employer is the call option holder who gets to invest in the options at a very low price and then later capitalize on the student’s acquired skills by hiring them later as an employee

Thats why its very important for every student to understand that they are not worthless as freshers. They have a trump card defined by will, dedication and flexibility which employees highly value. If you can prove your worth in the first 6 months of an internship or a temporary job , the whole world is yours.