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Q. A few lines about yourself
I joined IIT Delhi in 2011 and have recently graduated last month from Mechanical department. I stayed at Nilgiri Hostel where I have spent the least amount of time during my 4 years at IIT. I discovered many new passions after coming to IIT in the form of technical clubs such as robotics club and Axlr8r formula racing club. These clubs have played a major role in my life and working in them can best summarize my stay at IIT. After working in the formula student club I found my passion in automotive engineering and technical work which made Honda as my top priority company at the time of placements. I also completed my internship in a technical firm at Daikin Industries, Japan.

Apart from the technical activities, I had a great passion for sports. I was a captain of my Hostel cricket team and was used to play cricket and lawn tennis as my extra-curricular activities. I became a mentor in my third year and was also awarded with best mentor award. I always took pride in working as a mentor as I think the freshers really need to be saved from the traditions and so called ‘fundae’ of IIT Delhi which they get in their freshmen year.

I have been selected in Honda, R&D., Ltd. in Honda’s R&D headquarters in Tochigi, Japan. The job position is of research associate and I expect to work as a core research engineer for development of the Honda cars in the near future.

Q. Where did you Intern? And what was the kind of work you did there?
I did my internship at Daikin Industries, Ltd. in Shiga, Japan. I worked there in the compressor department of the company with major work associated in the area of noise and vibration reduction of the compressor. Daikin being one of the world’s largest air conditioning company is continuously trying to provide its customers with better services and hence reduction in noise and vibration of the compressor is of utmost importance to them. My work was purely technical in nature with focus on simulating the compressor with parameters effecting the noise and vibration in MSC ADAMS followed by experimental validation of the results in the lab.

Q. On what all criteria do you think that a company like Honda bases its selection upon?
The major focus of the technical companies like Honda is on the technical knowledge and projects of the student in the field related to the company’s work. Good technical projects, internship experience and technical knowledge are the major points on which a student is evaluated. Extra- curricular activities play the least role in the selection.

Multi-national companies with work location outside India also evaluates on the ability of the individual to adjust outside the country in the foreign culture. Hence any past experiences in the working country or knowing its language plays a huge role.

Keeping aside all the criterions, the selection is done only if the company see a long term employee with goals and potential in the student.

Q. What is going to be your major work under “Job Title”? (A brief description about the kind of work you expect to do there)
I have been selected as a research associate in the Honda, R&D., Ltd. in Tochigi Japan. Further departments have not been decides yet which will be finalized after joining the company in July. But based on my past projects and knowledge I am most likely to get the engine department. Hence most likely my work will be associated to the improvement, testing and development of the engine.

Q. What sort of questions did the company ask you in the Interview? What all qualities do you think they were trying to test?
Major questions were based on the projects done in order to test the technical knowledge in the field. Having worked in the Formula Student team (AXLR8R Formula Racing) of IIT Delhi for the past four years and projects related to tuning of the engine fetched me more questions. These questions are asked to test the knowledge as well as experience of doing technical work.

Some questions encountered were related to my internship to test the experience of working in a technical company.

Other major questions are related to self in order to check what all student expects and desires from his job. This helps them to judge if they can see a potential long term employee in the student.

Q. What are the suggestions you would like to give to students who might be aspiring for such a job?
– Be yourself!!! This is the most important thing for an interview. Most of the interview should be spontaneous, as the HR people are highly experienced and can easily identify if the person is faking or giving prepared answers.

– The job is not secured on the interview day but a cumulative process of your 4 years at IIT. You only go to receive the offer letter on the interview day. Make your 4 years count by gaining a good knowledge and experience in your field. If you make these 4 years right no one can stop you to get the job of your choice.

– For technical companies, give priority to your projects over any extra-curricular activities in your CV and be prepared to answer any kind of questions related to it.

Q. What are some of the challenges that your job poses?
Being a Japanese firm, the biggest challenge is the language. Japanese is very important to work in Japan but on the other hand very difficult language.

The other challenges of working with Japanese people and adjusting to Japanese work culture which is extremely different from India is a challenge in itself.

Q. What were the various options available to you at the time of placements and why did you choose an offbeat, unconventional and unusual career at Honda?
After working in technical clubs such as Robotics club and AXLR8R formula racing of IIT Delhi for past 4 years, I always wanted a technical research and development job with automotive firm as my top most priority. This obviously left me with very little options for job with Honda being my first choice. So I decided to apply for very limited companies (less than 8) and go for MS in case I was unable to secure any of these technical jobs. Luckily I was selected by four firms on a single day with Honda being my first choice. So at the time of placements I had to choose between Masters or working in Honda or Bosch or CBS Techno or Oski Technologies.

Honda being an automotive technical firm with a position of research associate in their main R&D center in Tochigi, Japan was obviously on my first priority for jobs and hence I chose it. I will also complete my masters later.

Q. One piece of advice that you would like to give to your juniors–
Could be something you think that had you done that when you were in college, you’d have been better off now or maybe some advice as to how to prepare for the interviews

Don’t waste this precious time of your stay here at IIT. You have many opportunities to learn and hence make them count. Don’t do courses, projects or anything for grades etc. but for the sake of learning. Follow your passion and be yourself. IIT Delhi has a long history of followers but be a leader and choose your own path. Don’t hesitate to take difficult decisions as securing a job etc. are a very small part of your life and you all are good enough for it at any point of time.

Q. One last question, the thing that you think you’ll miss the most about IITD.
The most important thing that I will miss here are the people with I have worked and enjoyed. My formula student team and my cricket team will top the list. I will really miss Axlr8r formula racing and playing cricket with my team at IIT. They have constituted the best part of my stay at IIT Delhi.