As you are going through the interviews posted regarding various career opportunities, we thought we should give you a few pointers on how you could use this information to make career related decisions.

These stories revolve around real people in real situations who have propelled themselves on the strength of their passion and grunt work. These are ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances. These are not scripted movies with great screenplays :). Thats what makes each of them awe inspiring !

Why are we are sharing these stories? If you look at other career focused websites(and there are several good ones), most of them talk about various colleges /universities , the courses offered and your future roles. Frankly speaking, we believe those details dont matter as long you, as a student, decide what you want to do with your life. Infact , the college or course doesnt even matter, as you can see from these stories.

What matters is your will, attitude and perseverance. So, when you read through these stories we urge you to focus on the approach used by the students rather than which university they studied or what course they did. As long as you select an above average college for your graduation or post graduation it doesnt really matter where you study. Think about what strategies the students used to get an internship or a part-time job. How did they convince their employers regarding their capabilities? How did they convince their parents regarding their career choices. What steps did they take to land a PHD or job of their choice?

The common thread running across these interviews are

1) A childhood influence that drove a student to chose a career and convince their parents
2) A working professional quitting their job and switching to a completely new career
3) A housewife moving overseas with her husband and embarking on a new career.

Each one of these had the will (to start at any point in their life), attitude (never gave up) and perseverance (slogged their way) to get to where they wanted

This is the message we would like to convey through these interviews !