Iam going to tell you a story today !

A businessman decided buy a car of his dreams ! He had been saving for it for decades and after doing lots of research through friends and online reviews he decided to take the plunge. The car was a German make and one of the top 3 brands in the world known for power, speed and handling.

For the next few months the businessman was showing off the new car to his friends and colleagues. He was having the time of his life driving it at top speed . He had also heard that his friends owned the same brand for more than 10 years without any major issues

As things were going well, after about 6 months, the businessman decided to embark on a long drive across the country for around 10 days along with a group of friends. Since there were many vehicles on the trip there were several bets made during the trip and the businessman won most of them.

A few days after getting back from the trip, he could hear a lot of abnormal noises from an otherwise butter smooth vehicle. One fine day , the vehicle just stopped and refused to budge. The vehicle was towed to the service centre where it went through a full checkup from the mechanics. The mechanics couldn’t believe what they saw. The engine was completely damaged beyond repair. It was just an year old.

After doing some investigation , the mechanics asked the businessman about his driving habits. You see, during the long trip, in his eagerness to win the bet, the business man ignored the RED RPM indicator in the dashboard. This occurs at around 8000RPM in a petrol vehicle and is pretty much the upper limit to throttling the car. Beyond this, the engine is under a lot of stress. With consistent operation beyond this level the engine was bound the fail.

Now lets switch the characters in the story a bit ! Assume your employer is the business man, the new graduate (yourself) is the car and the mechanic is the doctor. An employer will always try to stretch you to your limits with more work (more throttle). But remember that everyone has a RED line beyond which they risk their health due to lack of sleep, too much stress and less physical activity. Unlike a machine you have the ability to know your RED line and also the choice to say NO. The employer’s job is to push you to your limits (no matter what they claim) but you need to be aware of the dangers. Today many young people (under 30) visit doctors for health issues such as BP as a result of  work stress and lack of sleep. Doctors can’t do much if you don’t change your lifestyle

Remember that while your work is important , it doesnt take precedence over your health and overall wellness. Always take care to sleep minimum of 7 hours and indulge in physical activity for atleast an hour every day. Stay away from stress even if it means looking for another job.  Try to enjoy life as much as possible  by travelling, spending time with family and other physical activities. Your work is just one aspect of your life , don’t make it your life no matter what others tell you. If you want to live long happy you need to follow these rules !