When i was young, i would often watch a plane and want to be a pilot. How often have each of us watched a sportsperson or a TV Anchor or a scientist and wanted to be that person? While this could be called a fleeting desire, they signify something deeper within each of us. A lot of students today still dont know what subjects they like because they are unable to map those subjects to real world examples. However what students do know is what they desire to be even if it is for the moment. So the question becomes, if i want to be so and so, what should i do to get to that kind of work?

Just imagine, if i had an opportunity to talk to a pilot who took me through his/her journey to become a pilot, like what did he study, where did she get her license, how did he learn the skills and how did he/she fund their career goals,  what the job is like, i get to see the approach taken to become a pilot and whether i will like to pursue that as a career. Similarly if every student had a mentor whose journey serves as a guide and inspiration to the student, then the student would be able to achieve what they want because the path is much clearer.

Unfortunately, very few students get an opportunity to meet such people (mentors) and that happens by chance. The most common thing among people who were lucky to become what they wanted  is the presence of a mentor.

To address this, in the next several posts, we will be posting interview sessions with several people who are working in diverse areas. They will talk about their approach and how they got to where they are. These interviews have been gathered from various sites. We will be crediting these sites for original material and will also provide links to them if you want to go there and review additional content. These online interviews will serve as virtual mentors who will offer you a lot of valuable guidance on how to approach a career path

We hope these interviews will be useful and help you focus on the career path that you want to pursue.