If you notice the title of this blog, it says “itsnotacareer”. I believe the term Career has trivialized the purpose of our entire life of 70-80 years. Every individual, during their lives, aspires to be defined by what they did and i believe that is way bigger than just a  “Career”. Its about the people they meet, the changes they brought in and the overall impact of every individual in their ecosystem.

Hence, any student graduating from college and entering the real world needs to keep in mind the following . 1) Do what you love doing. For eg; If you would love to be involved in any kind of sports , be associated with that for the rest of your life. 2) Be good at what you do. Dont take shortcuts. Make sure you learn every skill associated with what you love doing. 3) Have a meaningful purpose associated with what you do. Are you making the world a better place either through conservation or entertainment or justice?? 4) If you follow all the above you will benefit emotionally and financially.

These are the benchmarks for a successful career if you so choose to call it. If you look at all the interviews that we have published they all bear a signature of the above . Each of those individuals loved their job, acquired valuable skills through education and experience, made a world a better place through their contributions and as a byproduct of the above, have achieved success in life.

If every student sticks by these principles, life will be a better place to live in !