Iam Shyam Krishnamurthy from India. To give a quick background of myself, iam a startup guy having worked 50% of my career in startups. Fortunately i have had things my way till now, working for companies that have had a unique spin on technology and have tried to solve real problems with technology. Iam also a nature lover and take long breaks between jobs to unwind and relax . Being in India, i have had a tough time explaining that i did nothing between my last job and the new one but that still doesnt stop me from taking long breaks (sometimes 2 years). I have a farmhouse in Kodai where i spend a lot of time during breaks and ofcourse with my 2 boys who are growing up fast. Iam happy i have been able to refrain from getting into the vicious circle of a typical technology lifestyle which leave employees with very little time to enjoy the small things in life.

The purpose of starting this blog is something close to me that i have been pondering for a while. Having spoken to so many youngsters who are yet to begin their career as well as those who are in high school, i constantly see that they lack proper guidance on what paths they could pursue based on their likes. At the end of the day, a person spends atleast 30 years of their life working and its best that whatever path they choose, it is something that they love doing. Thinking about it another way, a sportsperson would rather spend 15 hours of his day playing cricket without getting bored while a nature lover would probably do the same exploring forests and wild life. So coming to the root of the problem, how can we help make this decision easier for the youngsters and their parents. Let us look at the issues we need to address

1) Parents want a clear career path for their kids to ensure a stable life
2) Students arent able to map what they learn at school to the paths that they can pursue
3) Even if students are fairly confident about what they want to do, there are no credible sources that can highlight what actions need to be taken to achieve the desired career path and what is the potential
4) As a result, students reluctantly listen to their parents and decide to pursue a career like engineering or medicine

The purpose of this blog is to change the above approach and provide enough information to students to make informed career choices through conceptual explanation of what they learn and also several interviews to highlight the different options.