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The Interview Portal offers specific workshops for school and college students.

1) Career Exposure Workshop

This is primarily meant for class 9 and class 10 students who have to select a specific stream after class 10. In this workshop we will expose them to a wide range of careers in science and non-science. This workshop is also applicable to college students. By end of this workshop students will be able to relate to careers they like and select the appropriate stream.Career Exposure Workshops can be done after aptitude mapping as well. We will be using interactive videos for the sessions.

Why videos?

Students have a tough time understanding different careers. How do you explain the concept of Biotechnology or Robotics in an engaging way?

Movies are a fascinating experience for kids, especially when they tell a story. When a story is presented in a compelling way, kids sometimes believe even works of fiction.

That is the power of videos!

The Interview Portal is pleased to launch our Signature Career Concept Workshop based on videos for school students from class 8 to class 10. These videos are carefully curated by us and includes careers in diverse areas where we show kids how real world problems are being solved through various careers as well as a real experience of working in the job on the field (not just interviews of people). We can also include other careers on request.

We have mentioned a few of those areas below which is not an exhaustive list. All the videos are in Hi-Definition (1080p or 720p).


  1. Conservationist
  2. Genetic Engineer
  3. Surgical Robotics
  4. Design (Automobile, Industrial, Graphic)
  5. Space Scientist (Astrobiology, Astrophysics)
  6. Entertainment (Animation, Gaming)
  7. Agriculture (Biotechnology)
  8. Arts (Curator, Restorer)
  9. Sports Engineer/Scientist

Why are videos important?

  1. Capture interest and attention of kids
  2. Convey important messages in an innovative way
  3. Creates a strong impression on young minds
  4. Shows actual day at work which the students relate to
  5. Great engagement through interactivity

What we need?

Nothing except a TV (not even internet) with HDMI input and a decent set of speakers.

2) Career Mapping Workshop – 

This workshop is primarily meant for class 11 students. In this workshop we will show them how a career maps to specific subjects such as physics, chemistry or economics or statistics. This workshop is also applicable to college students. By end of this workshop students will understand how a career originates from subject knowledge.

3) Career Guidance Workshop

This workshop is an in-depth workshop for students from class class 12 and college students. In this workshop we will explain how to plan careers . This workshop is also applicable to college students. By end of this workshop students will be able to write down their short term and long terms plans in terms of what they want to do. For college students we will focus on “Industry Ready” workshops to make them Employable.

Most graduates are unemployable! Why?? Lack of exposure to the corporate world. What is the solution? Opportunities! How to get opportunities?? Opportunities dont come by themselves, they need to be created !


The purpose of this workshop is to prepare students for the corporate world. The following will be covered

1) Opportunities for graduates/post-graduates in specific areas – Economics, Robotics, Design, Statistics, Psychology, Engineering and several other areas

2)  What do hiring companies look for ?

3) Internship Opportunities and list of specific companies

4) Strategies to get an Internship

5) Resume building