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Want to Write for us?

We are launching a new genre of short stories “Career – Fictional Short Stories” series. These short stories use fiction as a medium to communicate careers to students in the most interesting way. Though dramatic narrative is fine, the career descriptions should be true in order not to mislead students.

We are also looking for writers who can be featured editors for specific careers and who can write articles on why students need to take up a specific career by giving interesting examples.

This is an opportunity for writers to venture into a new area of writing that will inspire students to take up different careers based on your persuasive writing skills.

We invite anyone and everyone interested in contributing, with the idea of using their creative writing skills to spread awareness about a specific career through a compelling and thought provoking narrative !

Writers can send an email to with subject “Career Short Story – Career Name” . If we like the story it will be published on our website with full credit to the author and other links to their website.

Again, you dont need to be a professional writer. Anyone with good writing and immersive storytelling skills can contribute ! Please share this in your network if you think it helps!

To give you an idea of the kind of short stories we look for, here is a link to our short stories created by our internal team…