About The Interview Portal

Before you deep dive into the assortment of career interviews that we have aggregated for you from across the internet we would like to clarify the purpose of this website and also add a disclaimer about our work. After reading the sections below , get ready to immerse yourselves in the world of   The  Interview Portal

About the Founder (Linkedin Profile)
Shyam Krishnamurthy

What we do?

We aggregate and curate all interviews from the web and provide parents and students a single platform to search , select and read through careers of interest from professionals themselves.

This is a DISCLAIMER that We DO NOT own any of the content that we publish here EXCEPT for the interviews where Original Source is mentioned as The Interview Portal.

While our goal is to provide a single platform for research, we DO NOT certify the authenticity of the information provided in the interviews. We sincerely hope that our readers will do their own research to verify and validate information before making key decisions.

In every interview, we have added a link to the original site that published the interview. We have also made the content available from the original source on our website.

1) Readers can go to the original site to check for additional content through the link
2) Making the content available on our platform consolidates all the interviews in one place and makes it available for easy search for all kinds of careers
3) Incase the original site is down, we still have the content for you to see.
4) We want to credit the original content publishers for their efforts and want to make it useful to others on a single platform

What are we trying to solve?

Having spoken to so many youngsters who are yet to begin their career as well as those who are in high school, we constantly see that they lack proper guidance on what paths they could pursue based on their interests. A person spends atleast 30 years of their life working and its best that whatever path they choose, it is something that they love doing. Thinking about it another way, a sportsperson would rather spend 15 hours of his day playing cricket without getting bored while a nature lover would probably do the same exploring forests and wild life. So coming to the root of the problem, how can we help make this decision easier for the youngsters and their parents. Let us look at the issues we need to address

1) Parents want a clear career path for their kids to ensure a stable life
2) Students arent able to map what they learn at school to the paths that they can pursue
3) Even if students are fairly confident about what they want to do, there are no credible sources that can highlight what actions need to be taken to achieve the desired career path and what is the potential
4) As a result, students reluctantly listen to their parents and decide to pursue a career like engineering or medicine

The purpose of this blog is to help parents and students by providing them enough information to make informed career choices through several interviews that highlight the different options.
The story based approach is easy to understand and tracks the professionals life from childhood to graduation to employment which provides a clear career path

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