Neha Chauhan is enrolled in the Bio-Nano Science Fusion Doctoral Course, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary New Science at TOYO University, Japan.

Q. Where are you from?

I am from Delhi, India. I did my Master of Science (Electronics) at the Jamia Millia Islamia-A Central University, Delhi.

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Q. What made you to choose Japan for your research studies?

I opted Japan, as I always wanted to be in a very technical and well-equipped environment for my studies. I always knew that Japan is technically very sound and technologically far ahead of many nations across the globe. Along with that, the rich culture of Japan attracted me immensely. So, it was an easy choice for me.

Q. How did your parents, friends and others who were around you feel about your decision?

My family and friends welcomed my decision, as they were satisfied with my choice. They were also aware of the technical scope and traditional environment of Japan. So, they were pretty much excited about my admission in Japan.

Q. Why did you choose the Graduate School of Interdiscilinary New Science, Toyo University?

I got an excellent opportunity to meet the Toyo University’s team of researchers back home in a conference at IIT Delhi. The first glimpse about the University I got to know from the Chief of International Affairs, BNERC, Prof. D. Sakthi Kumar who was an integral part of that conference. Our first meeting was pretty much on the exciting side and I got to know about the university and the BNERC over here. Then subsequently we communicated through mails and I learnt a lot about the facilities and other amenities in Toyo University. I also learnt that BNERC is one among the 13-nanotech support centers in Japan and this information was more than enough for me to decide about my doctoral studies at the Toyo campus.

Q. What did you do before coming to Japan?

I was working as a project assistant at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi.

Q. What is your present research? Can you briefly explain?

The primary intent of the research is to tread a path towards developing a bio device and a transparent conductor for photovoltaic application using bacteria such as Bacillus cereus and Vibrio fischeri as a biomolecule with chemically modified graphene.

Q. What exact research work have you been doing now?

I have initiated my work with electrical measurements of biologically reduced graphene oxide. This work primarily focuses on the characterization and study of the suitability of graphene in electronic applications.

Q. Why did you become interested in the research field? What did it fascinate you?

I have grown up as a very curious girl. This curiosity to learn and understand new happenings around the world and myself motivated me into the research field. Research in itself is a fascination as it gives you a 100% job satisfaction and if comes out well, it is good for the mankind too. So satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q. Once you started the research, have you found any difficulties?

“Research” the term in itself holds the answer for this question. I must say there were junctures when things go little off-track but it is an integral part of the research curriculum that makes it so different and exciting.

Q. While doing your research, have you had any memorable episodes?

I am just getting started with my research and there are already some memorable things that have occurred to me at work. We have got some positive results with our research so far and that encourages me to go on.

Q. How do you feel about research facilities and environment of the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary New Science, Toyo University?

I opine that Toyo University nurtures a fabulous environment to do active learning. The student facilities, research amenities and student friendly environment make it an outstanding facility.

Q. How do you feel about professors, post doctors, senior students, and atmosphere of laboratories?

“Team work,” I must say. It is tremendous to work with all the staff and seniors here, as it gives me an option to borrow new ideas and techniques for my research and personal development.

Q. Are you satisfied with the foreign students’ support system of Toyo University?

I sometimes wonder if I am really out of my house or country. It has been an excellent stay so far at Toyo University. The good thing about this place is that, it is not the monotonous place that is just focused to academics. It gives equal importance to sports and other extra curricular activities as well. That adds a feather to the cap. The kind of support and response I got from the institution is really great and I will cherish these memories for a long time.