Please tell us about yourself

My journey from a failure to the Best Graduating Student

My parents were called in my school and all the subject teachers had complains about me. I had failed in eighth grade in Science and Mathematics. They complained that I was careless, hopeless and talkative. My mother was disappointed and my father was angry with me. I had nothing to say at that moment. I was ashamed and felt guilty for letting my parents down. I was tagged as a failure. And that day itself I decided to come out of that status. I hated being a failure.

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I had failed not because I was careless, hopeless or talkative. I did try to learn and grasp as much as possible. But I failed each time to understand. I did not understand why I had to mug up so many things that I did not even understand. Or maybe my teachers failed to simply explain it to me or maybe the entire education system had failed. The education system in Nepal is quite traditional, students in most institutions are encouraged only to get good grades rather than understand the subject matter. Students study for exams and not for their life. I strongly believe that this has to change.

How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and unique career?

After that day, I decided to improve myself and my academics. My parents supported me a lot in this journey. They supported my decisions in choosing subjects in high school. Whenever, I needed emotional support my mother was always there and my father encouraged to me participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Further, I did meet some teachers who inspired me a lot to achieve my goals. I was awarded with ‘All-round performance of the year’ in higher secondary level.

Similarly, in undergraduate level at Ace Institute of Management (Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance) also I actively participated in various intra and inter-college competitions. Having the right mentors at the right time is quite crucial for anyone who wants to enhance their careers. However, you have to obtain the will and determination to excel in your career path, be honest to yourself and respectful towards the time and efforts of your mentors. The turning point of my life was when I participated in Youth Forum in Leadership Academy. Here, I got the opportunity to be mentored by Mr. Santosh Shah, President of Leadership Academy. I am and will always be grateful to him for creating platforms where young people get the required exposure which helps them to explore their hidden talent. I met and networked with achievers and young leaders from around the world.

During my college days I tried my best not to miss any of the lectures even though I was already working part time with different media outlets. I did take all my assignments, project works and presentations seriously and did them with all my heart. I really enjoyed my years at Ace Institute of Management.

How did you get your first job?

I was involved with the college magazine team. I also was involved in hosting and organising different events every year in college. It gave me the opportunity to raise funds for various social causes. I and my friends organised ‘Ace Mehendi Fest’ where we designed and applied henna to students and teachers and collected funds to help an orphanage where we had volunteered during the social work week. Further, these events helped me get closer to my friends. I will always cherish all these moments in my heart.

During my sixth semester in college I conceptualised and presented a radio talk show ‘Youth in Entrepreneurship’ in Radio Reeyaz, 96.8 fm. The main objective of this program was to promote entrepreneurship in Nepal. After a few months, I was hired by The Himalayan Times, which is a leading English national daily. Since I was doing my Bachelors in Business Administrations, I reported stories on business and did some profile reporting.

In my final year in college I specialised in Finance. At the same time I was also writing about banking sector of Nepal. My studies and worked matched as I was reporting about the subject that I was studying in college at that time. I got the opportunity to interview CEOs of commercial banks, Economists and the Governor of Central Bank of Nepal. This experience helped me greatly during my project works as well as final exams. As a result, I scored a perfect 4.0 GPA in final semester and full tuition fee for the semester was refunded.

Tell us about your award

On the day of graduation, one student would get the best graduating student award. One of my teachers said that a much unexpected student is getting this award. The award was based on five criteria: academics, extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities, internship and project works and votes from the faculties and fellow students. The best graduating student award would also get a cash prize of NRs 50,000.

I did have a hope that I would get the award but I did not expect it. I was not so popular in college or had many friends. But I would say I had a close circle of loyal friends. I always stood by what I believed in even though I was all alone.

Today when I look at my award it reminds me of all the years I have struggled to improve myself, step by step, one skill at a time. If I had not failed that year in eighth grade I would not achieve whatever I have till date. Presently, I am not ashamed or regret my failures rather I accept learn and celebrate them.