Please tell us about yourself

I’m currently enrolled at the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program, where I’m learning the nuances and the responsibility of communicating science to the public in clear and unbiased ways.

What did you study before?

I studied bioengineering as an undergraduate at IIT Kanpur and have a PhD in molecular neurobiology from National University of Singapore. My quest for science outreach has led me to probe neuroscience, precision medicine, and even California’s drought through a kaleidoscope of words and data visuals. I passionately follow stories about our changing environment and the economics of politics.

With a focus on new media, I wish to cover interdisciplinary advances in science, technology, engineering and medicine for all those who love the world’s surprises.

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How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

My earliest recollection of being in total awe of the world was when my mom told me that the sun is a star. She sparked my curiosity, and encyclopedias became my favorite books. Through school, I learned so much more about the universe out there—and the one within us. Each time I understood something fantastic, I shared it with my younger siblings. They became my first audience.