Tell us something about yourself.

I’m a clinical psychologist and a celebrity life coach. I deal with mental problems of people. I also help celebrities cope up with their pressures and heavy duty lifestyle. Political life coaching has been an interesting avenue where I have been training a few on NLP and Emotional Intelligence. I practice at Sion, Kalina, Worli and Malad. Life is interesting as I’m involved in multiple professions. Having a restaurant in Mahim to making movies is all a part of psychology I feel many times. Training management students on Business ethics and entrepreneurship management at many business schools is fun to.

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Why did you choose such an offbeat, unconventional and uncommon career path?

I was interested in Psychology since my childhood. I have always analysed people and tried to assess people and counsel them in my own way. Because of my aptitude, I was asked to pursue engineering and denied an opportunity to choose my career. But as they say love calls, I finished my engineering but diverted my career with peppier qualification to practice psychology. Nobody can become a good psychologist by just obtaining a degree.

When did you first become interested in a career in psychology? How did youbecome Celebrity life coach?

My interest in psychology roots to my childhood kindergarten days when I used to be like a referee to many kids fighting and I grew up to be a mediator always. In college, when I joined engineering I realised I look for psychology everywhere. That’s when I decided to pursue a psychology course simultaneously. I completed engineering as I’m sincere and did not want to leave a course half way. Psychology exams were going on together. I did BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery)  as my last degree since clinical psychology does not allow medication and psychiatrists spoilt cases with unnecessary drugs. Now I treat my patients with homeopathy.

What did you study?

I completed my BA (Psychology) from Indira Gandhi National Open University while pursuing civil engineering. I also did an MA (Counseling Psychology) from IGNOU and TISS. My last degree was BHMS.

What are some of your personal strengths and weaknesses? What have you done to address your weaknesses?

My personal strengths are my patience, resilience and consistency. I can be calm in any turmoil or during disaster. Infact I’m best as far as performance is concerned under pressure.

My weakness is that I get involved very easily in people and issues faced by them. My emotions interfere my thought process which don’t let me be practical sometimes.

What can you contribute to organization/or an individual?

Depression and negativity are very common these days. Almost every day we hear about suicides committed by younger people. I’m interested in creating awareness with regards to human moods. I’m into corporate training and I use every platform to talk about the importance of being mentally fit.

What is Celebrity life coach? When a celebrity approaches you for counselling, are they patients or celebrities to you?

Celebrity coach is a person who can make the celebrities understand and promote the changes required in their life, thoughts and lifestyle. I treat my patients as patients. That’s when you can really make some change.

What is mental health?

Having a healthy, positive, productive mind is called mental health. It’s a huge issue these days. While we concentrate on physical health, it’s time we concentrate on mental health of the coming generation too.

What is the role of psychologist and when are they needed the most?

When one cannot handle life situations himself and when the same starts taking a toll on life, one must visit a psychologist. These days the coping mechanism of younger generation is not directly proportional to the pressures they face. Psychologists are needed most while decision making and dealing with loss.

What are your career goals?

My career goal is to create awareness about mental health as much as possible. I’m doing a programme called ‘Golden Pass To Success’ for youngsters which will help them cope up with the pressures of today. I am looking forward to a creating a community of people working for the same cause. The work is in process. I’m doing a research of “the tipping point for suicide” and will be submitting the same to the American a Psychological Association as I am its a member.

You are a Corporate Trainer. Can you tell us how to deal with work pressure or job related stress?

Nowadays, job related stresses are increasing due to uncertainty of jobs. Work pressures take a toll on people’s personal life also. This subject is too vast to reply in a line or a paragraph but I can say that it’s very much possible if it’s planned well and backed up with Emotion management.

Half of young people have so many ’emotional problems’ they cannot focus at school, what is your advice to them?

There is a lot of distraction for the young school going children. Also with the ultra exposure that they get from internet, social media and the newspapers they have an access to many things too early. They cannot focus since their concentration levels are hampered just like their choice making abilities. These kids should take charge of their life and acknowledge a life that’s not a part of the Virtual world. They need to indulge in physical activities and spend some time interacting with family and friends.