Please tell us about yourself

Born a Tamil Brahmin, Nithya grew up largely in New Delhi, though she moved around a fair bit in her early years owing chiefly to her dad’s job at a bank. The multiple cultures she was exposed to fostered her curiosity in understanding people and cultures.

How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and interesting career?

While still in school, she discovered an interest in media and went on to do her BA (Hons) Journalism from Lady Shri Ram College for Women in Delhi. While at college, she was exposed to the various facets of the media industry and not just journalism. “In those three years, I was able to explore both the content creation and business sides of the media and entertainment industry in India and decided to do my MBA in Communications management from MICA. After graduating from MICA in 2008, I moved to Mumbai and joined Mudra Communications, and am now part of the DDB Mudramax media team,” avers Nithya Ravi.

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What do you love about your work

While doing her MBA in communications management at MICA, Nithya was drawn more towards media than advertising. The whole process of planning based on knowledge and data was what excited her. In fact, analytics and strategy continue to be her key area of interest and the part of work that she enjoys the most. Working on a couple of industry projects in her second year and her internship at JWT only strengthened her decision. Having joined DDB Mudramax straight out of MICA, the last four years have been interesting and a wonderful learning experience for Nithya.

“Having worked in the industry for four years, I find that my early familiarity with different parts of the country continues to play a key role as we strive to find more creative and localised media solutions for clients and also continues to define my personality and my interests and hobbies,” she says.

Tell us about your work

My journey has been one of growing to love what I once hated – from being intimidated by numbers as a child to falling in love with deciphering patterns and trends as an adult. I am excited by the process of planning marketing investments and the challenge of maximising bang for buck.

In the last 8 years, I have professionally evolved from a traditional mass media planner optimising ROI on television and print to creating strategies that answer brand and consumer problems, are medium agnostic, and take advantage of the increasingly nuanced understanding of how purchase and influence work. Big data and the possibility of real time interventions make the present a particularly exciting time to be in the field.