Please tell us about yourself

Meet Nivetha Sundar, the Fashion School Daily intern, who is a fashion journalism graduate student with a passion for celebrity gossip and all things Beatlemania.

How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and interesting career?

There was an exchange student from the Academy (Academy of Art University, San Francisco) coming to my school in India. It was in the back of my mind ever since. I got a degree in textile design from NIFT and thought that if I were to do graduate studies, it’d be here. I knew my parents wanted me to live with them and would not let me sign up. So, I went ahead and applied anyway. They only found out after I got the acceptance letter. I took a year online and now I’m happy with my decision to come to San Francisco.

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What do you like the most about it?

The instructors I’ve met so far, every single one, are already working in the industry. They know what “real life” is like in the arts. The Academy is a good place to express yourself. There’s something new and interesting every day. I see San Francisco itself as a work of art as well. If you want to be an unapologetic artist, come here. Those who live here don’t judge you. They are open to new things. Sometimes elsewhere people take themselves too seriously.

What brought you to this internship?

I received an email about it and decided to take a chance. I took it because I’m working directly with [Social Media Center and Fashion Journalism Director] Stephan Rabimov, which is really great. He’s in the type of position I want to be in, in a few years. With a mentor like that, I’m going to learn a lot more than just from taking a class.

What does a fashion journalism student read?

Personally, I read anything and everything I see. It’s not only about the clothes for me. I want to understand why people wear what they wear. I love reading about the process of designing, the art direction, and so on. For example, the New York Times Fashion Critic Vanessa Friedman is my favorite. I recently watched a TED Talk by Tavi Gevinson, who was the youngest fashion blogger when she started Rookie magazine at the age of 13. That’s really cool. I’m not a big fan of blogs, but I like Susie Bubble. Her style of writing really interests me.

What does your day off look like?

I would love to be hanging out in a park with my friends. Or catching up on celebrity gossip and listening to music; I’m obsessed with classical Indian music and music from the ’60s, especially The Beatles. However, to be honest, I’ll probably end up sleeping all day.

I love seeing my friends, but I really love sleeping more. Being a student, I have to sacrifice sleep a lot. Believe it or not, I could sleep anywhere at any time. Just give me a clean space and a good temperature, [and] that’s enough.