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Ms. Anupam Dhingra is an erudite and a highly experienced advocate who has been a practicing lawyer for more than two decades. She graduated in science from University of Delhi and thereafter, from 1989-1992, she pursued LLB from Campus Law Centre, DU. She has been practicing in District Courts and High Court of Delhi. She is also a mediator in Tis Hazari Courts at Delhi. We, at Law Mantra got an opportunity to interview her.

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Roopali: Why did you choose an offbeat, unconventional and unusual field as law as your career?

Ms. Dhingra: Honestly, I took law because all my other career options were exhausted. I initially thought of pursuing CA or CS. But somehow law seemed to be the best option at that time. Another major reason for choosing law was not having a lawyer in my family and the zeal to do something different from my family made me choose this profession. I am from science background. I find a lot of similarities between science and law. In the field of science, a person becomes more analytical and tends to go into the depth of a situation. Law too demands analytical skills in a lawyer. This attracted me to pursue law.

Roopali: What made you decide to become a Civil Lawyer?

Ms. Dhingra: I had the aptitude and attitude to become a Civil Lawyer which I think I could not develop for criminal side. Civil cases which involve issues related to family law, banking, consumerism, property laws and rent are of great interest to me.

Roopali: It is said that initial years of litigation are full of struggle. How far do you agree to this?

Ms. Dhingra: Yes, it is rightly said that initial few years of practice are full of struggle. But personally, I was fortunate enough to have an excellent senior who gave me a lot of opportunities, guided me and steered me in the right direction. In fact, even the financial aspect was taken care of. All this helped me to become more confident in my field of work, gave me success which was followed by job-satisfaction.

Roopali: What challenges have you faced in your journey of litigation?

Ms. Dhingra: In my initial years of practice, I got pitched against many senior and eminent lawyers having long and great experiences in their respective fields. Such challenges made me work even harder which ultimately brought out the best in me. Also, there were other challenges like proper cross-examinations, recording of evidences and extempore decisions to be made during the presentation before the Court.

Roopali: Who is your role model and why do you admire him/her?

Ms. Dhingra: I have two role models. First is my father, who was a thorough gentleman, a very honest, dedicated, learned and highly methodical and upright person. Second is my senior, Mr. Pradeep Dewan who has similar virtues and who has given me a lot of opportunities, worldly advices and has helped me to progress in my life. I owe my success to both of them.

Roopali: What advice would you like to give to the students of law?

Ms. Dhingra: First and foremost advice is that do not be disheartened by any limitation because overcoming hindrances is what makes a person successful. All the failures are just stepping stones towards success. Patience is the key. Do not emulate others. Challenge yourself as much as possible. Try to improvise your shortcomings. As far as financial front is concerned, try to have a parallel source of income at least for initial five years. Lastly, take care of your physical and mental health as this field is very demanding.