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How did you become a Photographer?

The Beginning I grew up in a combination of 3 cities – Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. It makes it very difficult for me to say exactly where I’m from though I am originally Mangalorean. I became interested in photography when I was about 16 and I bought a camera from a second hand store in Chennai’s Parry’s Market for Rs.1500. I’m crazy about radio controlled toys and had originally gone there to buy an R/C truck but then got distracted by the camera store and ended up with an Olympus OM-10. Shortly after this, I moved back to my family home in Malleshwaram, Bangalore. It is a rather quiet and simple neighborhood. In hindsight, living there did a lot to further my interest in photography. I photographed my dogs, cats, flowers, birds and squirrels in the garden. Before I knew it, and much to my parents shock, I had decided I wanted to be a photographer. They did eventually told me very sternly that if I wanted to be a photographer I would have to study the art of photography. I discovered this beautiful school called Light and Life Academy in Ooty which offered a two year Post Graduate diploma in Photography. The beauty of the school, in combination with the absolute hurry for me to get started prompted me to write to the academy and ask that they to admit me, even though I didn’t have a degree. This convincing took me a year, and after a year of unending badgering they agreed! Without batting an eyelid I dropped out of my degree program in Bangalore and made my way. This was in 2005. I haven’t stopped making pictures since.

How did you become a professional photographer?

Influencers Mr. Iqbal Mohamed, the man who started Light and Life academy. Nandini Bhalla, the current editor or Cosmopolitan – she gave me my first magazine shoot at Grazia and I had no idea how much I’d love doing editorial work till then. Nidhi Jacob, who at the time was with Grazia and currently with Marie Claire. Pearl Shah, who I did my first editorial portrait story with for Marie Claire and in four years we’ve created some beautiful stories together. Nikhil D, who styled that first portrait shoot for Marie Claire and introduced me to Nidhi. Vikas Vasudev, fellow photographer and really close friend who I also share a house with in Mumbai. We moved here together from Bangalore. I’ve worked with these people in my first year in Bombay, when I was still getting my feet wet in the world of editorial work and they’ve contributed immensely to shape my understanding of magazines and fashion.

Moment I’ve had a lot of moments that reiterate my faith in what I do. A few weeks back, I was shooting a fashion story for a magazine and over the three days that we were shooting everything that could’ve gone awry, did. From bad weather conditions to lost bags. Despite the odds, we came back with one of the most beautiful stories we have photographed. Situations like this continuously take place and each time we come out on top, I realize how much I love what I do and love the people I get to live these adventures with. It’s a constant moment, if there is such a thing.